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New Lawn installation can be a hassle that no wants to deal with, if the proper steps are not taken.

When seeding a lawn Johnís make sure all existing weeds and grass are sprayed and removed, this step is taken to assure the new lawn doesnít have a weed problem in the future. Next Johnís works the existing soil up and adds new soil if needed, making sure all rocks are taken away.

Johnís is very conscious about making sure your lawn area is level with no dips or uneven areas, these can cause miserable mowing conditions in the future. When spreading the grass seed, Johnís will add Starter fertilizer to your lawn to give it that jolt it needs to get it growing. You will see green within a week when water is properly added.

When dirt to beautiful green lawns in hours is desired, Sod is the way to go. Sod is very durable and has a high success rate in all weather and seasons of the year, one outstanding quality of Sod is the weed factor, Sod laid at your house will come fully fertilized and weed free! This will turn any lawn area into a golf course looking lawn in no time.


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