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John's Landscaping & Mowing
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Here at Johnís our trusted staff is trained in all types of shrub care. Weather its trimming the long hedge along your house or pruning the most delicate tree in your landscape beds.

Johnís staff is trained not only to do what looks best, but what will be the healthiest technique for the plant. Johnís can also take the right approach for care of your plants. They will be sure to be aware of any problems your plants might have, and assist you in taking the steps necessary to correct these problems.

Johnís Landscaping can also place you on there revolving schedule, this will place your property in a maintenance plan, so that every year at the correct time your plants will be trimmed and fertilized, this will take any worries of your landscaping off you and on us.


Trusted Staff

Certified Horticulture

Revolving Schedule


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