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  At John's we specialize in large and small condominiums and HOA communities as well as apartment and assisted living communities. Many companies tout that they can give a high quality job in a large scale environment but don't have the staff and equipment.

Here at John's we know how to communicate and work with home owner association boards, landscaping communities or single person contact. We have the crews and equipment to handle any size property your community has! We even have managers and foremen that can come out and join your community in a board meeting to answer any questions or concerns. We understand that an HOA Board has a personal interest in the economic value and aesthetic appearance of your property.

That's why working with John's is the smart choice in maintaining your largest investment, your home. When working with John's Landscaping you will be appreciative of our communication, professionalism and down right love for the work we do, and it shows in the highest level quality work you deserve!



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